The 4th Novi Sad Algebraic Conference
& Semigroups and Applications 2013
Novi Sad, Serbia, June 5-9, 2013

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The conference programme included a total of 61 short contributed talks (20 minutes each). They were divided into 6 thematic sections, as follows.

A: Universal Algebra and Constraint Satisfaction Problems

M. Behrisch: Relational structure theory - localising algebras, and more
J. Bulín: Algebraic approach to coloring by oriented trees
D. Delić: Expressibility of graph homomorphism obstructions in the logic LFP+Rank
A. Kazda: How to decide absorption
A. Krokhin: Fractional universal algebra
E. Lehtonen: Reconstructing functions from identification minors
K. Matczak: Quasivarietes of idempotent, entropic and symmetric groupoids
P. Mayr: Supernilpotence prevents dualizability
N. Mudrinski: A characterization of 2-supernilpotent Mal'cev algebras
M. Smedberg: Finitely generated varieties which are finitely decidable are residually finite
D. Stanovský: Commutator theory for loops
A. Tsurkov: Automorphic equivalence of many-sorted algebras
S. Vidak: The relation between pentagonal and GS-quasigroups
T. Waldhauser: Invariance groups of finite functions and orbit equivalence of permutation groups

C: Combinatorics and Applications

B. Bašić: On multipalindromic sequences
I. Stuhl: Automorphism groups of free Steiner triple systems

G: Groups, Rings, and Similar Structures

P. N. Ánh: Gauss' Lemma and valuation theory
M. Bani Ata: On semifields of order q4 with center Fq, admitting a Klein four group of automorphisms
W. Bentz: Groups that are almost synchronizing
I. Gogić: On automorphisms, derivations and elementary operators
D. Kokol Bukovšek: Minimal matrix centralizers over the field Z2
J. Meldrum: Semigroup nearrings
M. Radovanović: On the genus of the intersection graph of ideals of a commutative ring
D. I. Saveliev: On Zariski topologies of Abelian groups with operations

L: Lattices and Ordered Sets

G. Czédli: Coordinatization of join-distributive lattices
S. Foldes: Ordered sets in information theory
E. K. Horváth: Islands and proximity domains
A. Mućka: Duality via truth for distributive interlaced bilattices
J. Pita Costa: The persistence lattice
M. Ploščica: Congruence lattices and Compact Intersection Property
B. Šešelja: Structure of weak suborders of a poset
S. Solovjovs: On morphisms of lattice-valued formal contexts
F. Wehrung: Lattices of regular closed sets in closure spaces: semidistributivity and Dedekind-MacNeille completions

M: Model Theory and Set Theory

D. Ilić: Small expansions of (ω,<) and (ω+ω*,<)
É. Jungábel: On homomorphism-homogeneous point-line geometries
S. Moconja: Asymmetric regular types
A. Pavlović: On generalizations of the Cantor and Aleksandrov cube
C. Pech: On the Bergman property for clones
M. Pech: On generating sets of polymorphism clones of homogeneous structures
B. Šobot: Random bipartite graphs
A. R. Yeshkeyev: The similarities of positive Jónsson theories in admissible enrichments of signatures

S: Workshop "Semigroups and Applications 2013"

K. Auinger: Pseudovarieties generated by Brauer type monoids
J. Awang: Semigroups and geometric spaces
T. Brough: Automaton semigroup constructions
T. Dékany: A generalization of the Kaloujnine-Krasner Theorem
J. East: Infinite partition monoids
A. Egri-Nagy: On enumerating transformation semigroups
J. Hyde: Sierpiński rank and universal sets
M. Jackson: Monoid varieties with continuum many subvarieties
N. Karimi: Reaching the minimum ideal in a finite semigroup
S. J. L. Kopamu: Semigroup varieties determined by zx2=zx and zkxyw=zkyxw
G. Kudryavtseva: On multisemigroups
N. J. Loughlin: Algebraic models of computation
L. Márki: Commutative orders in semigroups
A. McLeman: Cayley automaton semigroups
M. Pfeiffer: Semigroups with low difficulty word problem
N. Sohail: Epimorphisms of partially ordered semigroups
G. S. Staples: Combinatorial semigroups and induced/deduced operators
T. Vetterlein: Direction cones for the representation of tomonoids
D. Yang: Free idempotent generated semigroups over bands
R. Zenab: Restricted semidirect products via inductive categories

Two poster presentations are also part of the conference programme:

A. AlAzemi: On Baer triples (V,G,K)/F2
A. Egri-Nagy: Ideas for improving notation for finite total transformations

The deadline for applications for contributed short talks was May 10, 2013 (23:59 CET), same as for the pre-registration.

Our current tentative programme includes around 72 short talk slots (20 minutes each): cca. 48 of them in the NSAC 2013 main programme (in two parallel sections) and cca. 24 of them within the Semigroups and Applications 2013 workshop (working as a separate parallel section). However, this may change depending on the interest: if necessary, we will try to expand the number of slots, or arrange for poster presentations. Note that the abstract of each proposed talk will be verified by a member of the scientific committee whose field of expertise is closest to the respective topic.

To apply for a contributed talk, you must be pre-registered first. However, it is possible to pre-register and apply for a contributed talk simultaneously (i.e. in the same e-mail message). On the other hand, you have the possibility to pre-register early (indicating only a wish to contribute a talk), leaving the abstract submission for later. In any case, we would appreciate very much if you prepare your abstract by using our LaTeX template nsac2013_template.tex (click to download). Please, rename the file by setting your surname in lowercase to be the name of the file containing your title and abstract, and send it to (note that we need the source, not a compiled file). The end-product should be something like this.